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Research Interests

Distributed Object Computing and Common ORB  (CORBA) development

Design Patterns and Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Real Time Java Platform Programming


Ph.D., Computer Science (June 2003- Current)
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
GPA: 3.9

Master of Science, Computer Science (August 2000- May 2003)
University of California, Irvine, California
GPA: 3.925

Master of Management (August 1996- May 2000)
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India
GPA: 3.5

Research and Professional Experience

June 2003 – Present: Research Assistant

Institute for Software for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS), Vanderbilt University

Model-Driven generative programming techniques for developing component based distributed systems.

  • Designed and Developed a meta-programmable modeling framework for capturing evaluation concerns of component based systems. Developed the Benchmark Generation Modeling Language (BGML) to synthesize benchmarks and characterize workloads for benchmarking
  • Designed and developed model based tools for capturing and generating build files from higher level models.

R&D on component based CORBA middleware frameworks to provision and deploy distributed applications:

  • Designed and developed CCMPerf, a benchmarking suite for CORBA Component model implementations. Rubric for comparing strengths and weaknesses of CORBA implementations.
  • Core developer for the Deployment and Configuration (DAnCE) framework built atop ACE+TAO to provision and deploy distributed systems developed using model driven techniques.

May 2001 – May 2003: Research Assistant

Distributed Object Computing Lab, University of California Irvine

Part of design team involved in building an Open Source Real-Time CORBA Object Request Broker in Java, ZEN (http://www.zen.uci.edu/). ZEN is highly configurable ORB having minimal footprint as its mantra.

  • Designed and implemented the Portable Object Adapter module: A high performance, multi-threaded component
  • Ported ZEN over to Real-Time Java implementation by TimeSys.
  • Thread pool implementation based on the Half-Sync/Half-Asych design pattern
  • Designed and implemented the Acceptor and Connector components in  ZEN for request  demultiplexing
  • Developed Collocation optimization strategies needed for real-time systems
  • Implemented Active Demultiplexing strategy for request demultiplexing in the ORB: ensures
  • O(1) worst case time bound 
  • Design Patterns implemented in the ZEN ORB: Acceptor, Connector, Thread Specific Storage, Factory, Strategy, Flyweight and Observer.

 Jan 2000 – June 2000: Intern

Cognizant Technology Solutions Chennai, India

Designed and developed an E-commerce based bidding system for the Training Academy at Cognizant. The system was written entirely using in Java Servlets and JDBC. The software automated the various activities of the Training Academy from program announcement, to selection of faculty and trainees and finally to scheduling of courses. Novel features included auto bid increment, email notification to the winners and techniques to quantify the net worth of the courses offered.

Teaching Experience


Teaching Assistant, 
Information and Computer Science Dept, 

University of Calif Irvine, CA     Sep 2000 - May 2001

Software Engineering (ICS 52)

Instructed students in Software Engineering concepts: Phases of Software Development Life Cycle. 


Technical Writing (ICS 139W)

Coached Computer majors in essential Communication skills. E.g. report writing, paper writing, seminars, etc. 


Computer-Based Information System (ICS 10B)

  Demystified programming language constructs and Object Orientation principles to Non Computer majors

Software Tool Expertise


  • Research and Development expertise with Common Object Request Broker Architectures
  • Highly Proficient with multi-threaded Java development for high performance systems
  • Experienced with C++ programming and ORB development
  • Highly Proficient with Model-Driven Generative Programming Techniques
  • Designed and Developed component based distributed middleware frameworks
  • Proficient with scripting languages Perl, JavaScript and Java Servlets
  • Proficient with DOM and XML, development experience with Xerces


Software Development Expertise


  • Core developer of the open-source ZEN project (www.zen.uci.edu) used by Boeing in the Context Defense Advance Research Agency (DARPA) PCES program and by Rockwell Collins for middleware specialization techniques
  • Developer of specialization techniques for ACE+TAO open-source Real-time C++ based CORBA middleware. Research conducted with collaboration with Rockwell Collins and Kansas State University.
  • Core developer of open-source Deployment and Component Engine (DAnCE) for Component based Software Development. Widely used in the context of the Component Integrated ACE ORB (CIAO) 
  • Core developer of the open-source CoSMIC Model Integrated Computing tool-suite used by industries including Lockheed Martin Eagan (Minnesota) and Raytheon.

Book Chapters

  1. Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt, Raymond Klefstad and Angelo Corsaro Real-time CORBA Middleware, in Middleware for Communications, edited by Qusay Mahmoud, Wiley and Sons, New York, 2003.

  1. Arvind S. Krishna, Cemal Yilmaz, Adam Porter, Atif Memon, Douglas C. Schmidt, and Aniruddha Gokhale, Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance Process for Evaluating QoS of Performance Intensive Software, Studia Infomatica Universalis, Volume 4, March 2005

  2. Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Arvind S. Krishna, Emre Turkay, Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, Jeff Parsons, Aniruddha Gokhale, and Douglas C. Schmidt, Applying Model-Driven Development to Distributed Real-time and Embedded Avionics Systems, submitted to the International Journal of Embedded Systems, special issue on Design and Verification of Real-Time Embedded Software, April 2005.

  3. Arvind S. Krishna, Nanbor Wang, Balachandran Natarajan, Anniruddha Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt and Gautam Thaker, CCMPerf: A Benchmarking Tool for CORBA Component Model Implementations, The International Journal of Time-Critical Computing Systems, Springer, Vol. 29, Nos. 2-3, March-April 2005.

  4. Arvind S. Krishna, Cemal Yilmaz, Atif Memon, Adam Porter, Douglas C. Schmidt, Aniruddha Gokhale, and Balachandran Natarajan, Preserving Distributed Systems Critical Properties: a Model-Driven Approach, the IEEE Software special issue on the Persistent Software Attributes, Nov/Dec 2004.

  5. Aniruddha Gokhale, Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Arvind S. Krishna, Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, George T. Edwards, Gan Deng, Emre Turkay, Jeffery Parsons and Douglas C. Schmidt Model Driven Middleware: A New Paradigm for Deploying and Prvisioning Distributed Real-time and Embedded Applications, Proceedings of the Elsevier Journal of Science of Computer Programming: Special Issue on Model Driven Architecture, Edited by Mehmet Aksit, 2004.

Refereed Conference publications

  1. Arvind S. Krishna, Aniruddha Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt, John Hatcliff, and Venkatesh Prasad Ranganat, Towards Highly Optimized Real-time Middleware for Software Product-line Architectures, Proceedings of the 26th IEEE Real-time Systems Symposium (RTSS), Work in Progress Session, Miami, Florida, Dec 5-8, 2005

  2. Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt, and Michael Stal Context Object: A Design Pattern for Efficient Middleware Request Processing, Proceedings of the 12th Pattern Language of Programming Conference, Allerton Park, Illinois, September 7-10, 2005.

  3. Arvind S. Krishna, Emre Turkay, Aniruddha Gokhale, and Douglas C. Schmidt, Model-Driven Techniques for Evaluating the QoS of Middleware Configurations for DRE Systems, Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, San Francisco, CA, March 2005.

  4. Cemal Yilmaz, Arvind Krishna, Atif Memon, Adam Porter, Douglas C. Schmidt, Aniruddha Gokhale, and Bala Natarajan, Main Effects Screening: A Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance Process for Monitoring Performance Degradation in Evolving Software Systems, proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Software Engineering, St. Louis, MO, May 15-21, 2005.

  5. Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt, Atif Memon and Adam Porter Improving the Quality of Performance-intensive Software via Model-integrated Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance, The 8th International Conference on Software Reuse, ACM/IEEE, Madrid, Spain, July 2004.

  6. Arvind S. Krishna, Nanbor Wang, Bala Natarajan, Anniruddha Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt and Gautam Thaker, CCMPerf: A Benchmarking Tool for CORBA Component Model Implementations, Proceedings  of the 10th IEEE Real-time Technology and Application Symposium (RTAS 2004) Toronto, Canada, May 2004.

  7. Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt and Raymond Klefstad Enhancing Real-time CORBA using Real-time Java, Proceedings of the 24th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), March 23-26, 2004, Tokyo, Japan.

  8. Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt, Raymond Klefstad and Krishna Enhancing Real-time CORBA Predictability and Performance, Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications (DOA), Catania Sicily, November 2003.

  9. Raymond Klefstad, Arvind S. Krishna, and Douglas C. Schmidt, Design and Performance of a Modular Portable Object Adapter for Distributed Real-Time, Embedded CORBA Applications, Proceedings of the Distributed Objects and Applications (DOA) conference, Irvine, CA, October/November, 2002.                         

  10. Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt, Raymond Klefstad & Angelo Corsaro  Towards Predictable Real-time Java Object Request Brokers, Proceedings of the 9th IEEE Real-time/Embedded Technology and Application Symposium (RTAS), Washington DC, May 27-30, 2003.

Refereed Workshop Publications

  1. Arvind S. Krishna, Enhancing Middleware Quality of Service, 19th OOPSLA Student Research Competition, Vancouver, Canada Oct 2004.

  2. Arvind S. Krishna, Emre Turkay, Cemal Yilmaz, Douglas C. Schmidt, Aniruddha Gokhale, Atif Memon and Adam Porter, Model-driven Software Tools for Configuring and Customizing Middleware for Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems, 19th ACM OOPSLA Workshop on Managing Variabilities Consistently in Design and Code, Vancouver, Canada, Oct 2004.

  3. Cemal Yilmaz, Arvind S. Krishna, Atif Memon, Adam Porter, Douglas C. Schmidt, Aniruddha Gokhale and Balachandran Natarajan A Model-based Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance Process to Enhance the Quality of Service of Evolving Performance-intensive Software Systems, Remote Analysis and Measurement of Software Systems (RAMSS), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, May 2004.

  4. Arvind S. Krishna, Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, Aniruddha Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt, Diego Sevilla, Gautam Thaker Empirically Evaluating CORBA Component Model Implementations, Proceedings of the ACM OOPSLA 2003 Workshop on Middleware Benchmarking, Anaheim, CA, October 26, 2003.

  5. Arvind S. Krishna, Balachadran Natarajan, Aniruddha Gokhale and Douglas C. Schmidt Evaluating CORBA Component Model Implementations for Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems, OMG Workshop on Real-time and Embedded Systems Workshop, July, Arlington, VA, USA 2004.

  6. Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt, Krishna Raman and Raymond Klefstad Effective use of Real-time Java to implement Real-time CORBA, OMG Wokshop on Real-time and Embedded Systems, July, Arlington, VA, USA 2003.

Poster and Conference Presentations

Poster Presentations

 Conference Presentations



The software provided features like sending/receiving emails, ability to attach files/ save attachments etc. The email system also included registration and password protection facilities. Other options include Address book option, creation of mailing lists and nicknames for the frequently used emails. 

Developed a Compiler (Front End and Back End) based on the Static Single Assignment Form for a subset of the Pascal Grammar. Global Common Sub-expression elimination was performed on the Intermediate representation. A Register Allocator was also implemented for the compiler. The graphs were rendered using VCG visualization tool.

Analyzed the suitability of several static and dynamic priority algorithms for real time systems. Some of the algorithms analyzed were: Rate Monotonic, Earliest Deadline First, Total Band width server etc. The project also dealt with algorithms for SMP architectures like Hierarchical Band width server, and Open Virtual Systems. Finally the project also highlighted the features of the Real-Time Java Specification.

As part of the Operating Systems course, implemented the producer consumer problem using POSIX threads. Two solutions were implemented one using named Semaphores and the other using Message Queues. The implementations were used to compare the performance of shared memory v/s Message queues. System V performances was also measured and contrasted with the POSIX results 
for each case. In another assignment, POSIX Signals and shared memory was used to simulate Inter process communication.

Developed a Java based information retrieval system to analyze the link and content structure of a given web page. The user creates a list of his favorite sites and the system periodically parses the site recursively and sieves the link and the content structure. This data is then used to find the difference between the current version of the site and its previously visited version. Statistics like new links/contents added/deleted are displayed. This tool could also be used as an agent that keeps track of a user’s favorite web sites and update him/her if new contents/links are added or deleted.

Presented a survey paper on the Architectural Patterns. The paper dealt in depth architectural patters like Model View Controller, Broker, Layered Pattern etc. Each pattern was described in terms of the forces that they resolve, behavior-using CRC diagrams and several scenarios where they are used.


Awards and Honors

  • Served as the President of the Graduate Student Council, Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS) from 2004 - Present.
  • Received 4th place in the 2004 ACM OOPSLA Student Research Competition held in Vancouver British Columbia.
  • Recipient of the Teaching Assistant fellowship by the School of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine from 2000-2001.
  • Recipient of national scholarship from Central Board of Secondary Education, India for being in top 1% of graduating class in social science in Class X11 (high school).