CoSMIC Overview

Although rapid strides in QoS-enabled component middleware technology have helped to resolve a number of Distributed Real-time and Embedded (DRE) application development challenges, a number of challenges remain unresolved. It is in this context that Model Driven Development (MDD), such as the OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Model Integrated Computing (MIC), and Generative Programming can be effectively combined with QoS-enabled component middleware technologies to resolve these challenges. The Model-driven Generative Programming tool-chain (shown in the Figure below) we are developing is called CoSMIC (Component Synthesis using Model Integrated Computing). CoSMIC comprises a collection of Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs) and model interpreters that apply MDD technologies to QoS-enabled component middleware technologies along along these seven points of integration described in this paper and presentation.

CoSMIC Tool Chain (clickable image)

deals with specification of functionality aspect deals with component assembly & packaging deals with installation in repository deals with multi-level middleware configuration aspect deals with deployment planning aspect deals with preparation for launching deals with launching an application deals with runtime qos assurance UAB aspect model weaver model-driven benchmarking Metamodeling environment using the MIC approach Metamodeling environment using the MIC approach KSU's model checking framework UConn Swapna Gokhale's Research TAO RT ORB CIAO QoS-enabled component middleware

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