For a good overview of current WWW technology, Serverwatch is a terrific resource. It is intended to aid Webmasters in their search for the right Web technology, including supporting tools and products.


Below are links to Web server benchmarking utilities and to other sources of information for benchmarking results.
Considered the standard benchmarking tool for Web servers. It was heavily influenced by the design of LADDIS, an NFS benchmarking tool.
From the makers of LADDIS. The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) specialize in performance measurement.
Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation
Also known as ZDBOp, they develop and support the publicly available, core benchmark programs that all ZD publications use.
Provides in-depth information on server software for the World Wide Web. Included are pointer to other benchmarking efforts.
Zeus performance
The makers of the perhaps the best performing commercial Web server have results supporting their claim. Included are discussions about why they implemented their own benchmarking client rather than using WebStone.


Listed here are reference documentation to protocols which we intend to fully implement into the Web server.
The current standard protocol of Web servers and clients.
The next generation of HTTP, supporting persistent connections and other goodies.

Web Servers

These are the homepages of the servers we use in our test-suite, as well as other servers, which we intend include in our suite in future benchmarking tests.
One of the original HTTP servers.
Currently the de-facto standard Web server. Freely available.
A extremely well designed freely available high-performance Web server. Currently only supported on Solaris 2.4+, but is being POSIX-fied.
CERN's new HTTP/1.1 compliant Web server. Written in Java, freely avaiable.
Java Web Server
Formerly named Jeeves. JavaSoft's Web server implementation.
A small single threaded concurrent HTTP server. Freely available.
The Tiny/Turbo/Throttling HTTP server. Not full featured, commercial. Allows server administrator to specify maximum byte transfer rate on groups of URLs.
A commercial Web server written in Pike, and interpreted language. Formerly known as Spinner.
A commercial Web server with excellent performance.
Netscape Enterprise
Netscape's feature rich Web server, supported on both NT and UNIX systems.