Pub/Sub Data Distribution Service Benchmarking

Welcome to DOC DDS Benchmarking website. This site will guide you through the benchmark we have been doing for various implementations of OMG Data Distribution Service and other pub/sub middleware.
The site is divided into the following sections:

Project Overview, which is an overview of our DDS benchmark project.

DDS Test Bed, which shows the testbed we are currently using for DDS benchmark.

Benchmark Suite, which shows the autonomous benchmark toolkit.

Obtaining Test Codes, which gives an introduction of the test suite we are currently using and the access to the source codes

Team Members, introduction of team members.

Documentations, online documentations and recent publications/presentations for our DDS benchmarks.

Download the latest PDF version of RTWS 2006 presentation DDS_RTWS06!

     Real-Time Innovation  has  kindly provided tech support for developing our benchmark test

     PrismTech has kindly provided in-depth knowledge for understanding our benchmarks
    Object Computing Inc has kindly provided  backbone of the test codes and following  tech support

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