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Runtime Architecture · Modeling Tools for CoSMIC

CUTS Runtime Architecture

System Requirements

The following are the miminal system requirements for installing the CUTS building and installing the CUTS runtime architecture.

Obtaining CUTS

You can obtain the latest snapshot of the CUTS runtime architecture from the DOC Group Subversion repository:


Building and Installing

Use the follow steps to build and install the CUTS runtime architecture:
  1. Set the environment variable CUTS_ROOT=<path_to_CUTS>.

  2. non-Windows: set PATH=$PATH:$CUTS_ROOT/bin and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$CUTS_ROOT/lib

    Windows: set PATH=%PATH%;%CUTS_ROOT%/bin;%CUTS_ROOT/lib

  3. Determine what features located in $CUTS_ROOT/default.features are needed to build your version of CUTS. Under normal circumstances you will not need to change any of the settings in default.features. However, if you are building CUTS with database support of unixODBC, then you will need to change this file.

  4. Run the Makefile, Project, Workspace Creator (MPC) utility on $CUTS_ROOT/CUTS.mwc using the following command:

      %> $ACE_ROOT/bin/ [command-line args] CUTS.mwc
      %> $ACE_ROOT/bin/ --help        # for help
  5. Build the generated workspace with the target build tool and you are ready to go.

Verifying the Installation

Once the build is complete, all shared libraries will be located in $CUTS_ROOT/lib. The respective binaries for the shared libraries located in $CUTS_ROOT/lib will be located in $CUTS_ROOT/bin. Executables specific to CUTS will be located in $CUTS_ROOT/bin.

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CUTS Modeling Tools for CoSMIC

System Requirements

The following are the miminal system requirements for installing the CUTS modeling tools.


Click the link below to download and install the CUTS modeling tools for CoSMIC.

Filename (KB) Last Updated
CUTS_CoSMIC.msi (10134 KB) Thu, Jul 2 2009, 22:49:07

Verifying the Installation

Once the installation is complete, the CUTS interpreter will apprear as a scissor icon in the interpreter toolbar for PICML projects.

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