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Component Workload Emulator (CoWorkEr)
Utilization Test Suite (CUTS)

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CUTS is a system execution modeling (SEM) tool designed primarily for component-based distributed system technologies. CUTS is based on agile development methodologies, and enables developers to conduct system integration test at early stages of - and continuously throughout - the software lifecycle. This enables system developers and testers to identify performance problems before they become to hard to locate and resolve.

CUTS Mission Statement

  • to enable system developers and tester to conduct system integration testing during the early stages of the software lifecycle.
  • to assist in locating and rectifying quality-of-service problems while the real system is currently under development.
  • to facilitate continuous system integration testing throughout the software lifecycle.

CUTS workflow

How does the CUTS SEM tool work...

Developers and testers use CUTS by following these simple steps:

  1. Model the behavior and workload of the system under development using graphical modeling languages (CBML & WML)
  2. Generate a complete test system for their target architecture from the constructed models
  3. Execute the test system in its target environment, collect data, and use analysis modeling languages to evaluate domain-specific quality-of-service metrics
  4. Determine the next plan of action(s) based on observed metrics

CUTS also intergrates with continuous integration environments to enable system integration testing continuously throughout the software lifecycle.